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Aan De Kleinrivier Restaurant

We offer breakfast and light lunches as well as take-aways. Our menu consists of some of the local favourites like Fish & Chips, a variety of fresh burgers and schnitzel with cold or hot drinks. We welcome visitors with a warm smile and a delicious, no-fuss menu.


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Fresh Foods

Filled with the aroma of delicious & freshly made foods and the joyful sounds of laughter among family and friends, our restaurant is comfy and cozy and serves up some of the most delicious food the Western Cape has to offer!. Our food is fresh, grown and backed with care and straight from the garden.

Every Friday we have a special of freshly baked Rooster Koek, Boereworse, Pork-chops, chicken and alternatively every second week we make fresh potjie kos & Afal potjie.

Once you have arrived at the restaurant, feel free to pop into the "Padstal" and have a look at our freshly grown and sourced produce , baked goods and dried fruits. The padstal is a local shopping stall packed with a variety of goods as well as soft serve ice-cream.


We sell a variety of unique farm stall goods that you would usually expect to find in a farm stall, except better! From the traditional homemade ginger-beer, chunky jams and chutneys, to handmade crafts

Friday Special

friday special advert, please call for information on specials