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Fresh from the farm!

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kleinrivier Padstal Produce

We sell seasonal vegetables and fruit that is sourced locally as well as dried fruits. We have an amazing range of olive oil ready for pickup. Our seasonal fresh fruit is of the highest quality and is available daily, either loose or in boxes.


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Fresh from the farm

We pride ourselves in delivering the freshest fruits and vegetables, we source locally. We just received the best pecan nuts to satisfy your taste for nuts. We have fresh naartjies, beetroot, tomatoes, patats, pumpkins, pears, apples, cucumbers, and much more. Everything is fresh from the farm.

Come and visit us at the padstal for all your produce needs, and while you are there, grab a nice cup of coffee or milkshake, and have a light breakfast or lunch at our restaurant where our friendly staff will make you feel right at home. And enjoy the spectacular view of the vineyards. The tranquility only a farm setting can give you while the kids can play to their hearts content.

Together with our friendly staff, most enjoyable food and homey atmosphere, it remains a must stop for travelers.